Associazione Amici della Musica Vittorio Cocito

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Nominativo Incarico Atto di riferimento Durata Compenso CV
Ettore Borri Presidente Verbale Assemblea 23 Maggio 2022 Quinquennale A titolo gratuito PDF
Carla Casalis Componente Consiglio Direttivo Verbale Assemblea 23 Maggio 2022 Quinquennale A titolo gratuito PDF
Carlo Cigolotti Componente Consiglio Direttivo Verbale Assemblea 23 Maggio 2022 Quinquennale A titolo gratuito PDF
Marilinda Mineccia Componente Consiglio Direttivo Verbale Assemblea 23 Maggio 2022 Quinquennale A titolo gratuito PDF
Elisa Petrarulo Componente Consiglio Direttivo Verbale Assemblea 23 Maggio 2022 Quinquennale A titolo gratuito PDF
Matteo Ruffo Componente Consiglio Direttivo Verbale Assemblea 23 Maggio 2022 Quinquennale A titolo gratuito PDF
Alberto Veggiotti Componente Consiglio Direttivo Verbale Assemblea 23 Maggio 2022 Quinquennale A titolo gratuito PDF


Nominativo Incarico Atto di riferimento Durata Compenso
Ettore Borri Direttore Artistico Verbale Consiglio Direttivo 29 Ottobre 2017 Tempo indeterminato (Statuto art. 11) A titolo gratuito per il 2017, 2018, 2019
Elena Ceranini Segreteria Lettera di assunzione 1 marzo 2001 Tempo indeterminato Part Time CCNL

Contributi Pubblici

Informazioni relative all'Art. 1, commi 125-129 della Legge 124 del 4/8/2017

Data Descrizione Importo ricevuto Causale di incasso
23/09/2022 Saldo Sovvenzione 2021 Ministero Beni Culturali € 16.188,11 Contributo Stagione Concertistica 2021
20/10/2022 Anticipo sovvenzione 2022 Ministero Beni Culturali € 33.290,28 Contributo Stagione Concertistica 2022
29/11/2022 Integrazione anticipo sovvenzione 2022 Ministero Beni Culturali € 16.188,11 Contributo Stagione Concertistica 2022
Data Descrizione Importo ricevuto Causale di incasso
11/02/2021 Sovvenzione saldo 2020 Ministero Beni Culturali € 12.669,40 Contributo Stagione Concertistica 2020
30/04/2021 Regione Piemonte – delibera n. 240/A2003B del 03/11/2020 - anticipo € 6.077,49 Contributo Stagione Concertistica 2020
07/06/2021 Anticipo sovvenzione 2021 Ministero Beni Culturali € 29.413,75 Contributo Stagione Concertistica 2021
20/09/2021 Regione Piemonte – delibera n. 240/A2003B del 03/11/2020 - saldo € 9.101,07 Contributo Stagione Concertistica 2020
Data Descrizione Importo ricevuto Causale di incasso
23/03/2020 Regione Piemonte saldo contributo 2018 D.D. 672/A2003A del 17.12.2018 € 8.736,00 Contributi Stagione Concertistica
06/05/2020 Comune di Novara delibera n. 607 del 24.12.2019 € 10.000,00 Contributo straordinario
08/07/2020 Anticipo sovvenzione MIBACT 2020 € 32.581,00 Contributi Stagione Concertistica
Data Descrizione Importo ricevuto Causale di incasso
12/02/2019 Regione Piemonte anticipo contributo 2017 D.D. 670/A2003A del 11.12.2017 € 7.296,00 Contributi Stagione Concertistica
01/04/2019 Regione Piemonte saldo contributo 2017 D.D. 670/A2003A del 11.12.2017 € 7.296,00 Contributi Stagione Concertistica
05/05/2019 Regione Piemonte anticipo contributo 2018 D.D. 672/A2003A del 17.12.2018 € 8.064,00 Contributi Stagione Concertistica
10/05/2019 Comune di Orta San Giulio - Delibera n. 62 del 08.04.2019 € 2.500,00 Contributo Ordinario Festival Cusiano 2019
08/07/2019 Saldo sovvenzione MIBAC 2018 € 9.732,20 Contributi Stagione Concertistica
08/07/2019 Integrazione sovvenzione MIBACT 2018 € 9.811,00 Contributi Stagione Concertistica
19/07/2019 Comune di Novara Convenzione, registro n. 438 del 31/12/2018 € 3.000,00 Contributi Stagione Concertistica
08/08/2019 Anticipo sovvenzione MIBAC 2019 € 36.202,00 Contributi Stagione Concertistica

About Us

Since 1946 the Association “Amici della Musica Vittorio Cocito” of Novara has been promoting the art of music in Novara and in its province. In its long life it has achieved a national importance thanks to the quality of the musical proposals and to the great number of lovers of music who still today are supporting its activity.

Currently it promotes the Festival Cantelli, the Festival Cusiano di Musica Antica, the Intermezzi di Mezzodì, the Premio Internazionale Giuseppe Martucci, the Concerti da Camera and the Eventi Straordinari.

As indicated in the recently renewed statute, the aim of the Association is to contribute, without profit, to the spreading of musical culture through: the organization of concerts and musical events; the creation and organization of educational, popular and scientific activities also in collaboration with third parties, such as conferences, music competitions, conference days, cultural and intercultural initiatives: publications and/or audio-videos to be disclosed also via the internet; the enhancement and remembrance of the work of Elena Bollatto and Folco Perrino .


The history of the Association “Amici della Musica Vittorio Cocito” of Novara began at the end of the Second World War with the well-founded conviction that the reconstruction had to concern not only the indispensable material needs, but also the moral ones. It was a group of enthusiasts from Novara that identified the musical art as a privileged way to educate the new generations to "beauty".

On 29 June 1946 a group of friends organized a concert at the Broletto in Novara, held by the cellist Attilio Ranzato, accompanied on the piano by Renzo Bossi. On 1 September 1946 the same people founded the Association "Amici della Musica" in order to spread musical culture. The Association, chaired by engineer Giovanni Negretti, presented the first concert season 1946-47 with a program of ten events, immediately attracting the attention and the interest of citizens.

In the period between 1946 and 1952, in addition to the planning of concerts, the Association organized trips to attend events held at important Italian theaters.

In 1951 the Piccolo Festival Novarese della Musica da Camera (the Small Chamber Music Festival of Novara) was opened by the Gruppo Strumentale da Camera della RAI di Milano (the RAI Chamber Instrumental Group of Milan).

In 1952, after the death of Negretti, Vittorio Cocito assumed the chairmanship, remaining in office until 1969.

In 1963, the year of the building of the Salone dei Congressi (Congress Hall) at Palazzo Borsa, the Association found the appropriate venue that would have been hosting its events on a permanent basis.

In 1969, under the chairmanship of Giuseppina Luciano, Cocito’s widow, the name of the Association became “Amici della Musica Vittorio Cocito” in memory of the President who had been able to bring the reputation of the Association far beyond the borders of the Novara area. In the same year Elena Bollatto and Folco Perrino joined the Board of Governors.

On 25 January 1971 the pianist Hans Richter Haaser inaugurated the Blüthner grand piano, a gift from the Banca Popolare di Novara to the Association. In the same year Agis awarded the Association a silver medal, as evidence of the twenty-five years activity in the entertainment sector.

In 1973 Folco Perrino became President of the Association and he began a series of prestigious events. The Concerti del pomeriggio (Afternoon Concerts) from 1976 flanked the evening programming: they merged with the Cenacoli musicali (Musical Cenacles) created in collaboration with the University of the Third Age of Novara. I Concerti dei Fiori (Flowers Concerts), festival of young musicians that took place in May in Orta San Giulio. In 1980 began the orchestral concert festival named after Guido Cantelli, the great conductor from Novara. This festival, nowadays known as the Festival Cantelli, every year hosts the major Italian and foreign orchestras with the participation of distinguished soloists active on the international concert scene. The Festival Cantelli, in fact, has as its main purpose the live spreading of the great symphonic repertoire.

Starting from 1983, on the initiative of Elena Bollatto, who took over the Artistic Direction, the Cusiano Festival of Ancient Music was inaugurated in the enchanting setting of the Lake Orta with the aim of spreading the splendid pages of the great musical past starting from the Middle Ages. The Cusiano Festival is attended by a passionate international audience.

In 2006, owing to the dwelling of restoration works carried out at Palazzo Borsa, the Amici della Musica placed its residence at the Teatro Coccia in Novara: the Chairmanship was taken over by Carlo Pesta, the superintendent of the Theater, while Folco Perrino and Elena Bollatto kept the Artistic Direction.

In 2011 Ettore Borri was elected as President and, since Folco Perrino passed away in 2015, the President has been assisting Elena Bollatto in the Artistic Direction.

In 2016, on the occasion of the Association's seventy years of activity, Ettore Borri promoted the Intermezzi di Mezzodì which enriched the precious Cusiano Festival of Ancient Music with a series of musical cameos.

In July 2016, the Association Amici della Musica celebrated its 70th anniversary by inaugurating its own autonomous residence right in the heart of its city, in via dei Cattaneo 15.


ETTORE BORRI . He graduated with full marks in piano with Alberto Mozzati and earned "with honors" the degree in Literature and Philosophy at the Catholic University of Milan.

From 1979 to 1998 he collaborated with Giampiero Tintori at the Museo Teatrale alla Scala, creating historic events in the Ridotto dei Palchi of the Teatro alla Scala both as a concert performer and lecturer, and in the field of the artistic planning.

His concert activity takes place in a national and international scene. Some prestigious performances should be mentioned: in the Vatican, Sala Nervi, at the presence of Pope Giovanni Paolo II (2000); in Munster for the Festival des Nations Européennes (1991); in Budapest, at the Liszt Museum and the Liszt Academy (1996 and 2000), where he was also a guest lecturer; he held the opening concert of the project for the restoration of the musical instruments of the Museo Teatrale alla Scala and of the Conservatorio Verdi in Milan. He has been invited to take part in the culture weeks dedicated to Italy under the auspices of the Italian embassies in Cologne (1985), Budapest (1996) and Stockholm (2003). In addition to his solo activity, he performed with artists such as Luigi Alberto Bianchi, Thomas Bloch, Gabriele Cassone, Corrado Colliard, Gaetano Nasillo, Carlo Balzaretti, Silvana Manga, Brunhilde Ulonska, Bernini Quartet. He contributed to create shows that combine different artistic expressions, such as Zvanì, Omaggio a Giovanni Pascoli (Zvanì, Homage to Giovanni Pascoli) and Fuori non ci sono che ombre e cadono (Outside there are only shadows and they are falling), alongside Luciana Savignano, Franca Nuti, Mario Cei and Alessandro Quasimodo presented at the Locarno Theater, at the Piccolo Teatro in Milan, at the Sala Laudamo in Messina. With Mario Cei he realized a close-knit interpretative path concerning the repertoire for reciting voice and piano.

He recorded, for RAI and for Duetto, Naxos and La Bottega Discantica, piano compositions by Donizetti, Field, Respighi, Sgambati and Martucci (Piano Transcriptions, as a world première). First in Italy, he recorded piano pieces by Wagner on the Steinway piano of 1883 which belonged to Liszt, for the inauguration of the Associazione wagneriana italiana (Italian Wagnerian Association) (Milan 1994). In 1997 he published for Enda Multimedia the CD-Rom devoted to the Brandenburg Concerts n. 1, 3 and 5 by Johann Sebastian Bach, for which he edited the four-part transcription of the score and the in-depth analysis of the concerts.

In addition to numerous articles in specialized magazines (HiArt, VeneziaMusica, etc.), he has published musicological writings for Mazzotta, Bompiani, Fabbri, Vita & Pensiero and LIM, especially focusing on the Italian piano literature between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. He edited the catalog I manoscritti di Ponchielli nella collezione di Giulio Cesare Sonzogno (the Ponchielli's manuscripts in the collection of Giulio Cesare Sonzogno). He wrote the didactic text Musica Insieme (Ghisetti & Corvi). In 2005 his critical revision of the libretto and score of the melodrama Il denaro del Signor Arne (The money of Mr Arne) by Giulio Cesare Sonzogno was published, supplemented with notes by Victor De Sabata.

Since 1978 he has been teaching piano in the Italian conservatories and currently he teaches at the conservatorio"Giuseppe Verdi" in Milan; he holds piano master-classes in Italy and abroad (University of Seoul and Osaka; Academies of Poznan and Budapest).

He also dealt with artistic and administrative organization:

from 1995 to 2001 he was didactic director of the Scuola Musicale di Milano;

from 25 January 2002 to 31 October 2011 he was director of the Conservatorio "Guido Cantelli" in Novara. In his activity as director he conceived and promoted the Festival Fiati (Wind instruments festival) and Tasti Neri Tasti Bianchi. Pianoforte e Organo in Italia nei secoli XIX e XX (Black Keys White Keys. Piano and Organ in Italy in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries), supported the activity of Il Mondo della Chitarra (The World of Guitar) and In-audita Musica, and promoted the Centro Studi Guido Cantelli. In September 2011 he realized the project Europa e identità nazionali (Europe and national identities), concerning the first absolute recording, released by La Bottega Discantica, of the Studi per pianoforte by Francesco Sangalli and Adolfo Fumagalli with the exclusive participation of students from the conservatories of Aarhus (Denmark), Bucharest (Romania), Feldkirch and Linz (Austria), Novara (Italy), Poznan (Poland).

In 2009 he was appointed by the Ministry of Education, University and Research to be a member of the Commission for the reorganization of the Liceo Musicale in Italy.

Since 2011 he has been involved in the Italian activities related to El Sistema and he is currently in the management of SONG, the System of Orchestras and Youth and Child Choirs in Lombardia.

Since 2011 he has been CremonaFiere's artistic consultant for official cultural events linked to MondoMusica.

For issues connected with the "Evaluation and Quality Assurance", he was among the first in Italy, starting from 2008, to activate the Evaluation Team at the Conservatorio of Novara. He was President of the Evaluation Team of the IMP of Gallarate and ISSM "Donizetti" in Bergamo (2013-2015). He is currently President of the Evaluation Team of the Conservatorio "Guido Cantelli" in Novara. Since April 2013, he has been included in the "Peer-Reviewers Register” of the AEC/MusiQuE.

In May 2013 he was nominated by ANVUR (National Agency for University and Research Evaluation) member of the "Evaluation Team Criteria" Work Group.

Since 2014 he has been a member of the Commission for the Quality of Teaching and Researching at the Conservatorio in Milan, where he organized two international conferences concerning the "Quality Assurance"; with regard to these topics, in September 2016, was published the first Italian contribution with the volume “La Qualità nell’Alta Formazione Musicale” (The Quality in Higher Musical Education).

He received the" Umberto Barozzi "Award for Culture (Novara 2010).

He was awarded the honour of Cavaliere, Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, conferred by the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano on 27 December 2011.

In 2011 he has been appointed President of the Association "Amici della Musica Vittorio Cocito" of Novara.